Sunday, November 11, 2012

We pin it and then we make it.

 A span of twenty-one years separates us, but we are connected by a shared love of food, cooking, baking, presentation, flavors, and that moment when you realize that the thing you've been hovered over in the kitchen is kinda pretty and a lot delicious.

A few things you should know about us:

1.  "Butter" is a mere sophomore in high school but is becoming a master of pastry baking.  She most recently made this french silk pie from scratch:

2.  "Broth" is Butter's aunt who once watched Butter get squeezed out of her mama's wee-wah.  She almost fainted.  Broth specializes in soup, making home-made broth once a week.  She most recently made this pot of gumbo:

3.  We like good, local, organic ingredients, but we are not too high-brow about food.  We both grew up in the South and enjoy our share of velveeta.  We are not snobs.

4.  Butter is a busy high school student who is easily distracted by video games, and Broth is a busy working mother who is easily distracted by her kids' constant tapping on her ass to get attention, so the bulk of our cooking/baking is done on the weekends. 

Last year Broth joined pinterest and started wondering how many of those pin-happy pinners actually did what they were inspired to pin.  She started cooking almost exclusively from her pinterest smart phone app, and she and Butter would comment on each other's kitchen adventures via instagram.  

This blog is an attempt to catalog what we make via pinterest every weekend.  We hope you enjoy it and are inspired, like us, to do more making than pinning.

Salud! Dobru chut! Bon apetit! Guten apetit! Na zdravie! Prost!


  1. love this blog and will be following your every cooking move!