Friday, November 16, 2012

Dud Crab Cakes and Dud Toscana Zuppa

These two duds were probably my fault.  I'll say that from the get-go. 

The first was this recipe: Maryland Crab Cakes.  I've realized that one of my cooking problems, at least when trying new recipes, is that my frequent substitutions don't always work out.  This is my theory for what went wrong with these crab cakes.

The main ingredient I had run out of was Worcestershire sauce.  It only called for one teaspoon, so, eh, maybe that wasn't it after all.  Every other little thing in the recipe was the same. At any rate, my family wasn't thrilled with how these turned out.  In fact, my kids hated them.  They pretty much begged me never to make them again.  Sad face.  I had such high hopes.

The upside of this meal was that I'd made thinly-sliced roasted red potatoes to go along with them, and these were completely delicious.  I'd doused them with olive oil and sprinkled them with the "every-day" spice mix my old neighbor gave me for Christmas last year.  She's started her own spice company, which you can check out here.  She's a graduate of the Oregon Culinary Institute, her year at which made all of us neighbors super-lucky since she'd often share her experiments with us.

The second dud meal this week was this boring 'Zuppa Toscana' made in the crock-pot.   I had high hopes for this one too considering that the original posting said that it's one of those recipes that 'wow' people when you serve it.  Whatever. 

The sausage smelled amazing as I was cooking it, and the whole thing was pretty easy to throw together, but it just lacked a certain something.  It was boring.  Flavorless.  I won't make it again.  Sorry, Crock Pot Girl, but this one is a total doesn't work. 

 On a side note, I really need to start taking photos of the finished product of my cooking.  Both of these photos were taken half-way through, making them look unappealing.  Well, considering how the finished products were, I figure that's about right this time round.

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