Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cake cake cake.

For Sierra's 17th birthday she requested that I make her a cake. I've never really been into cakes. The few times I've attempted to make one it turned out horribly. But that was a few years ago. So I decided to try again. I was most definitely successful.
"Rerra" wanted a strawberry cake with purple cream cheese icing. I didn't have the time to make the whole cake purple so I jusst bought some purple writing icing, suprisingly it tasted quite good. I also couldn't make an actual homemade cake. I got a box cake mix. It felt wrong. But the homemade cream cheese icing made up for it. SO GOOOOOOD. Mmmmmm. I'm not artistic, but I tried my hardest. She loved it:) 

I listened to The Wombats while baking. They're a British punk band. My three favorite songs are 1996, Jump Into The Fog, and Techno Fan

Link to cream cheese icing can be found by clicking here (scroll down past the carrot cake recipe).

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