Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lasagna Soup

This is total comfort food, aka "kid food."  It was also super easy to throw together, and everyone in my house ate two bowls.

The original recipe can be found by clicking here.

I did, as usual, make a couple changes.  The first was that I used spicy chicken sausage instead of turkey sausage.  This was only because that was what they had at the store I was shopping in when buying groceries for last week.

The next change was that I didn't have exactly the right spices (how did I run out of basil!?), so I just threw in a bunch of the "Italian spice mix" I had in my spice cupboard.  I'm sure it wasn't perfect, but no one at my house complained.

The only mistake was that I had let my freezer run out of home-made chicken broth, so I had my husband get some boxed broth from the store.  Oy.  It was nowhere near as good as what I make.  My goodness, the difference.  Nevermind that it was all organic free-range chicken in purified water.  It seemed to have no flavor at all.

By far, the best thing about this soup is the cheesy surprise at the bottom.  So good.  I made a combination of mozzerela, parmesan, and ricotta, not measuring any of them.  My kids loved eating all that ooey-gooey stringy goodness.  So did I.

The soup ready to be ladled in bowls, cheese first. I also needed about three times as much broth as what I had here, but I wasn't running to the store.  No one complained.

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